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With the removable band, it's up to you if you want to play with our without the strap!

The upper hand features innovative material that's extremely flexible and fits your hand so perfectly it won't slip off.

  • EXO STRAP: You can just remove the strap.
  • EVO ZONE BODY: The upper hand showcases our ultra flexible EVO ZONE for max stability and scuff resistance. It will keeps your fingers warm and flexible in cold weather.
  • NEW PRO LATEX FOAM: The 4mm Quartz Grip combines extreme grip with a stylish look.
  • SILICONE PUNCHING ZONE: The punching zone is made of 3D silicone. It feels not different when wearing them until you need to punch. Then you have ultimate control.
  • EXTENDED GRIP PROTECTION: Thanks to the extended latex foam over the wrists the Pro Latex Foam is protected from abrasion and also helps you to pull your gloves on.

    Tech specs

    All technical product specifications

    • Cut
      Inside seam
    • Fit
    • Foam
      4mm Quartz Grip
    • Gussets
    • Grip Protection
      Extended over the wrist
    • Body-Material
      Evo Zone
    • Closure
      Exo Strap
    • Wrapped Thumb
    • Finger protection
    • Grip
    • Shock absorption
    • Abrasion resistance
    • Suitable for
      Grass & artificial turf



    You must properly prep your goalkeeper gloves before using them the first time to ensure that they will offer maximum grip.

    Activate the Grip

    • Wash your gloves under clear, running water or in a sink. The water should be cold or lukewarm.
    • With your hands in the gloves, rub your hands together and squeeze them repeatedly to remove any residual soap left over from the manufacturing process out of the foam.
    • Repeat this process until they stop producing small soap bubbles.
    • Next, thoroughly wring out your gloves and set them on a towel or a drying rack to air out.

    Important: It’s normal for the gloves to feel like they have lost a bit of grip after the initial wash. Once you have used them 1 or 2 times, ideally in practice, the full grip will take effect.

    Caring for Your Gloves

    • After use, moisten your gloves under running water or in a sink. The water should be cold or lukewarm.
    • Spray each glove 4-5 times with our glove cleaner.
    • Carefully work the cleaner well into your gloves.
    • Rinse out your gloves thoroughly the foam dissipates.
    • Set your gloves on dry on a towel or drying rack to air out and store them in a cool, dark place (e.g. in a cellar or basement) until you use them next.

    There will always be wear and tear on the rubber grip surface during training and gameplay. This is a normal process but it does not affect the grip.

    • Moisten your gloves before and during use.
    • Use good technique and roll with precision to avoid harsh contact with the ground.
    • You should always remove your gloves whenever you carry goals or nets.

    Pros typically use our goalkeeping gloves for just a few weeks due to the extremely severe wear and tear at that level. With T1TAN you get the same exact quality as the pros.

    Most amateur goalkeepers use 3-4 pairs of goalkeeping gloves per year. That means you can assume that each pair will have a life of 3-4 months of active use. You can increase the life of your gloves by properly maintaining them and always employing proper technique.

    Please note that wear can occur even on the first use. However, you can still use your gloves for 3-4 months despite visible wear.


    Do you need help figuring out the right size gloves for your hands? Just send us a message via or refer directly to this sizing chart:

    Sizing Chart


    Shipping costs and duration are different depending on the country where the delivery is being sent. You can find the details for the respective shipping costs and duration here.

    If you would like to return your gloves, you can do so free of cost within German and Austria.

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