Children´s Goalkeeper Gloves

Young goalkeepers need the right equipment for their hands to learn how to keep goal. These goalkeeper gloves have to be specifically developed for children and their needs:

  • Resilient materials
  • Wider opening at the wrist
  • Strong design for optimal protection

Our Junior gloves and special children´s gloves available in our online shop meet these exact requirements.

Goalkeeper gloves for children in different sizes

As children have smaller hands than adults, they need goalkeeper gloves in small sizes. We have goalkeeper gloves in whole sizes from size 4 to 6.

  • Size 4: 7 – 8 years
  • Size 5: 9 -10 years
  • Size 6: 11 – 13 years

Special foam for junior gloves

Children often don´t have perfect technical skills as they support themselves on their hands when falling, so their gloves need more resilient coating than professional gloves.

Note: This is not rubber coating and is not indestructible.

Goalkeeper gloves for children

Adults and trainers can´t invest in high-end equipment for young players, so we´ve developed our gloves to make sure that they can buy at fair, reasonable prices.

By leaving out some features and choosing different materials, children´s gloves are far cheaper than professional gloves, and they still deliver T1TAN quality for young goalies.